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Our work

We have had the privilege of collaborating on various projects with renowned artists, influencers, cities, boutiques, and in particular collaborations with Yves Saint-Laurent, specifically for their e-commerce site. Our expertise in beauty shone during filming, photo sessions and shootings, where we were able to sublimate each actor in these events.


Shooting / E-commerce


I had the honor of collaborating with Yves Saint Laurent, where I added my hairdressing touch to enhance one of their models. My work helped create exceptional visuals for their e-commerce site, highlighting the elegance and distinctive style of the brand.

Sahra Luïz in action bleaching a host's hair live on Nrj.


MIKL evening

I had the opportunity to participate in a unique project during the MIKL show on NRJ radio. I did a discoloration on one of the animators, in a funny and relaxed atmosphere, transforming him into a character reminiscent of Draco Malfoy, the blond actor from the Harry Potter saga. An entertaining experience that added a touch of magic to the show.


The most beautiful brides

I had the exceptional opportunity to participate in the show 'The Most Beautiful Brides' broadcast on M6, where I exercised my talents as a makeup artist. Presented by host Karine Ferry, this show highlights the dream of every bride, and I helped to enhance their beauty for this unique moment.

Presentation of the poster for the show “The Most Beautiful Brides” presented by Karine Ferry.
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